Hey! My name is Colby Gardiner. I was born and raised in Utah. During high school I was introduced to photography by a close friend. Over the past few years I've been able to improve my skills and develop a hobby that I deeply enjoy. For me the best part of photography is trying to capture light. Light is everything in photography. It's what takes a regular photo and turns it into a picture that makes you stop what you're doing, even if it's just for a moment, to admire its beauty.

I enjoy getting out and taking pictures of the landscapes around me. Utah has such diverse and beautiful locations to visit and explore. I love wildlife and I'm excited to get into that genre of photography. The photo above is my favorite wildlife image I've taken so far. Some friends and I went to Antelope Island near Salt Lake City on a Saturday morning. The weather wasn't great for landscape photography, but I had no idea the amazing view of American Buffalo we'd get to see. This image was taken from about a 100 yards away from the herd. The rain was pouring down on me as I tried to cover my camera the best I could. It was a beautiful moment that I'm glad I capured so that I can remember it and share it with everyone.

I also enjoy portrait photography and helping people look and feel their best. Portraits provide a special intimate moment between the subject and the photographer. Everyone needs a portrait that makes them feel great and I'm here to help make that possible.

Take a minute to look through my gallery to see some of my favorite images that I've taken.

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